9 Rubber Ducks You Will Want For Your Next Bath Day

We all need to have our bath day once in a while. Some once a month, others need it practically every day.
There are certain elements needed to make this experience enjoyable every single time. Music, dimmed light, something to read and most importantly, rubber ducks.
You heard right, ducks. Plural. There is nothing better than a having a bath with an army of ducks in the tub. Believe me, I have dozens of them and I just drop a handful in there before I jump in the tub myself.
I have a variety of rubber ducks at home. Below I have some listed for you that I have myself already plus a few I will definitely add to my collection of geeky rubber ducks rather sooner than later. Check the geekiest ones I found below.

1. Batman

2. Spa Wars Yoda

3. The Flash

4. Duckinator

5. Harry Ponder

6. Mr. Squawk

7. Uniquack

8. Bohemian Quacksody

9. Goose Busters

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