Banjo Kazooie Phone and Controller Holder

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Are you tired of having to hold your phone every time it is on charge? Or are you tired of short chords preventing you being able to use your phone? With this Banjo Kazooie Phone and Controller Holder you will never experience these issues again. With the help of a great bear, Banjo, and his faithful companion, the bird Kazooie, you can allow your phone to charge in safe hands.
With these faithful companions, you can continue to explore the worlds around you, knowing that your phone and controllers are protected from danger. Standing at 8 inches tall, this phone and controller holder will fit perfectly on any shelf, bedside table or as an addition to a children?s bedroom. It also includes a Includes 2m (6ft) micro USB charging cable, ensuring that you can charge your device from anywhere in the room. Remove the stress of having to hold your phone close to the charger and support the greatest tag team ever; Banjo and Kazooie.


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