Death Star Herb Grinder

This is the grinder you’ve been looking for. Take your cooking to the dark side and to a galaxy far, far, away with the official Death Star Herb Grinder. This 2.2-inch grinder is the perfect accessory for your culinary mastery over the Force is made up of three pieces. With the Death Star Herb Grinder, you can crush those herbs like the Rebellion and show off your geeky side while cooking. These are the perfect addition and gift for any Star Wars fan and is made of high-quality materials to last a long time. The connections are magnetized so that you won’t lose any of your spices or herbs. This durable grinder won’t break and can resist any x-wing attack or accidental drop on the floor. It comes in a Star Wars gift box for perfect gift-giving. Every time you use this, a million voices will cry out in your head, begging for your delicious cooking. Luke, I am your grinder.


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