Donkey Kong Barrel Game Card Storage

If you?re looking for a great location to store all of our Nintendo DS video games, then this Donkey Kong Barrel Game Card Storage is the perfect solution for you. Rather than searching for hours looking for your games, you can find them in your Donkey Kong Barrel. Much like the real game, this barrel uses the familiar Donkey Kong barrel design that we have all learnt to love. It has been made from a durable hard plastic, then even Donkey Kong himself could not destroy. Instead, your games will be protected against the evil King K. Rool and will always be found in one location.
In addition to game storage, this barrel also holds space for your spare stylus. This way, you can keep all of your accessories and games in one location. If you have a vast game collection, why not double up and buy two barrels for storage? After all, you can never have too many!


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