Edward Cosplay Automail Arm

Have you ever wanted to become a real-life Alchemist? Now you can with your very own Edward Cosplay Automail Arm. Rather than going through the struggle of learning about your alchemy skills, you can use the strength of Edward Elric arm to defeat your enemies (whilst looking awesome during the process). This accessory is a fantastic addition to any cosplay parties, cosplay events or as a way to scare people on Halloween.
In order to protect yourself and those around you, the arm comes with two separate options. The first is with the blade, whilst the second is without it. The arm itself is made of knitwear, to ensure the arm is not too heavy and also very comfortable. All additional parts are made of plastic, making them both durable whilst relatively safe compared to many other materials. Buy this Automail Arm today and learn your true alchemy abilities.


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