Harry Potter Kitchen Utensil Set

Whether preparing you own home-cooked meals or recreating recipes from the Harry Potter Universe, this organic bamboo kitchen utensil set will help whip up any culinary delight. The collection includes five pieces with a robust and slotted spoon, rounded folk, corner spoon, and a slotted spatula all finished with images burned into the wood. Each set will give your home a geeky yet rustic appeal. Each piece in the collection is made of 100% natural bamboo and will make the perfect housewarming gift to any Potter fan. These high-quality utensils won’t scratch or damage your pans. Cook up a tasty seasonal soup or even a Polyjuice potion. As you cook, the images that are burned into the wood will come alive with your imagination as you and your guests will marvel as this fantastic kitchen utensil set. These are perfect for all your culinary magic!


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