Harry Potter TV Remote Control Wand

In the books, the wand chooses the wizard, but in this case, bring home the magic of the Harry Potter series with this TV remote control shaped after the wand of the boy who lived. This intricately designed wand is unique to Ollivanders and perfect for dueling with He Who Must Not Be Named over what to watch on your favorite streaming channel. You won’t need to chant any incantations to change the channel or skip to the next film in the Harry Potter series. This wand TV remote is perfect for any Potterhead and comes with easy to read instructions on its use. It comes with a collector’s box so you won’t lose the remote, and you’ll have your TV obeying every command with a flick and swish of your magical TV remote wand. This wand is an officially licensed product and is an excellent addition to your Harry Potter collection.


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