Hogwarts Varsity Jacket

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Show off your Hogwarts House pride with this Harry Potter Hogwarts Junior Varsity Jacket. This Hufflepuff Jacket for women is the perfect gift for any Potterhead. It is made with a premium design and sports the Hufflepuff House Crest along with the house colors. This is a great lightweight jacket for strolls in the park or adventuring down Diagon Alley. Whether you’re visiting Twilfitt and Tattings, Flourish and Blotts, or even looking for Quality Quidditch Supplies, you will find other Hufflepuffs nod and smile in recognition as your new varsity jacket. This officially licensed jacket is made for your comfort and is recommended for women of all ages. You can wear to all your events to show off your Hufflepuff pride. The material is soft and will fit you perfectly and will keep you warm in the crisp fall weather. Other houses are available for those who were sorted elsewhere.


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