Ken Pixel Pals Light

Need to wake up the middle of the night but don’t want to turn on the lights? Well worry no longer with your very own Ken Pixel Pals Light. Inspired by the legendary fighter Ken Masters this light will guide you around the house at night, whilst providing you with the fighting skills to fend off any monsters in the dark. And by monsters, we certainly don’t mean your little sister, as annoying as she may be, she’s not a monster… Or is she…

Never wake up the house again by turning on the main lights. Simply turn on your Ken Light using 2 AAA batteries and guide your way through the darkness with this officially licensed Merchoid team product. Unfortunately, your AAA batteries are not included with delivery, but once purchased they will light up your Ken Pixel Pan for hours without needing a change.

Buy your own Ken Pixel Pals Light and let your night time adventures begin.


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