Legend of Zelda Socks 5-Pack

The Land of Hyrule is in trouble, and someone needs to join Link on his quest to defeat Gannon and recover the mighty Triforce.

This 5-pack of The Legend of Zelda crew socks will aid you in your journey. As you tread cautiously in your new Legend of Zelda crew socks, be wary of Octorocks, Leevers, Peahats, and Wizzrobes.

Walk or relax in comfort with this geeky yet retro-style crew socks made of a high-quality material that fit great. They come in different colors and feature well-known graphics from the classic video game. They hold up great over time and make that perfect geeky fashion statement whether you’re at home, work, or visiting the local comic convention.

The time to save Princess Zelda and return Hyrule to its rightful glory is now. It’s Dangerous to go alone, take these socks!


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