Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp

Bring light to the rebel alliance with this Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp. Brighten up your room or office with this fantastic light that brings your Star Wars fandom to your world. Its shape and design are detailed from the Millennium Falcon. Its 60cm angle poise lamp is adjustable for your lighting needs and is powered by USB. As an officially licensed product, this lamp is perfect for any Star Wars Fan. Join Solo and Chewbacca as they smuggle cargo or fight with the rebellion against the Empire. Blast off to new worlds with this lamp. It is perfect for fans of the cocky and confident Han Solo. Write your favorite fan fiction by the light of this lamp. Use the Force or just plain luck and play a game of Dejarik (Star Wars holochess) or Sabacc by the light of this lamp. Just remember to let the Wookie win.


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