Minecraft Creeper Light

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So, you?ve just spent three hours making the ideal home of your dreams. You have mined all kinds of wood, created your own mineshaft and even have a farm on the go! But wait? something is quiet? too quiet? You look around and see nothing, only to hear the sound of hissing gunpower behind you. You turn around and BOOM! The creeper behind you has just blown up your home, the animals are loose and chaos is all around you!
Lucky for you, this particular creeper has a different motive. Rather than trying to blow up your hard-earnt work, it would like to help you to see when lights are no longer around you. Some would even say, this particular creeper? is friendly? We never thought we would see the day, but now that day has come. Get your very own Minecraft Creeper Light and light up your home at night!


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