Mjolnir Bottle Opener

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Unleash the power of thunder with your very own Mj?lnir Bottle Opener. Muster the power of Thor himself and level all those who oppose you. This bottle opener is a truly unique gift for friends and family members alike. Its outstanding strength will open all bottles that you require and better yet, it looks damn awesome. It comes with a its very own hanging chain so that it is on hand whenever required. Whether you?re defeating enemies of Earth, taking down Thanos or taking out that cold beverage after a long week at work, the Mj?lnir Bottle Opener has you covered.
Available in both bronze and silver designs, this gift is perfect for any Thor Marvel fans. It is made of ABS+metal and is therefore able to withstand the strength of any bottle, opening each with ease. Never struggle to open a bottle with the power of Mj?lnir in your hands.


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