Pickle Rick Funko POP!

I´m Pickle RICK!

Look, Morty, I’m a Pop Figure! PICKLE RICK!

Look, if you like Rick and Morty, then you will like and love this toy.

  • Capture the ferocity of Pickle Rick on this single toy
  • Flawless paint job.
  • Great gift for any Rick and Morty fan!
  • It feels sturdy and dense
  • Just like Pickle Rick in the show

The most iconic of this character is the parody that makes John Wick … And Back to the Future … And Spy Kids … Bah! They are many references!

All we know is that if you are a Rick and Morty fan, you cannot miss this opportunity.

Imagine that you know a very, very beautiful girl and she realizes that you have this figure.

It turns out that she is also a big fan of this series!

You start having romantic dates, get married and have 3 children.

Or maybe it will just be a nice ornament on your desk.


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