Pikachu Cosplay Kakashi Action figure

For fans of Pok?mon or Qimu Kakashi (Naruto), this 5.5 X 5 X 3.6-inch figurine is perfect for fans of both. It is made of a durable PVC plastic and well-paint to present a high-quality figurine that will look fantastic on your desk or mantle. The exquisite detail is excellent and will quickly become a favorite of every collector and toy enthusiast around the world. This collectible toy features Pikachu in the classic Kakashi style and 6th generation leader of Muye Village. You’ll find Pikachu carrying Kakashi’s weapon and traditional headpiece and mask for a perfect combination of both characters and styles. The bell at the end of weapon is an actual bell with real sound which adds to the delight of the figurine. Live both Naruto and Pok?mon fandoms with this cute and adorable figurine. From the box to the figurine, you’ll love the detail and craftsmanship of this collectible toy.


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