Rick Hoodie

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ITS PICKLE RICKKKK! Just kidding, it’s just regular Rick. If you ask us, it’s much better than regular Morty… Or any Morty for that matter. Wearing this hoodie provides you with an instant intelligence boost, allowing you to stand out from the many morons around you. Support your favorite character and travel the many different planets and dimensions in style. If you fancy it, you can even bring your Morty with you. Just don’t bring Jerry, he can stay at Jerryboree.

This Rick hoodie has a hood that will provide you Rick hair whilst wearing it, after all, we don’t see why you’d ever want any other haircut. Blend in with many other like-minded Ricks at the Council of Ricks, or explore the universe solo. No matter what you do have fun and remember, you’re a Rick!


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