Scrap Metal Bumblebee Figure

The Decepticons have arrived and its time to protect yourself with your very own Metal Bumblebee! Standing at a whopping 1 and a half feet, your metal Bumblebee figure will protect your home from potential threat, with a moving head allowing the figure to scan the area around you. With this figure, we can almost guarantee that the Decepticons won’t be messing with you any time soon.

The figure itself has been handmade with exquisite detailing, capturing the exact look of Bumblebee from the Transformers universe. It contains a range of screws, spark plugs and metal parts creating a sense of realism to the figure that makes it ideal for any Transformers fan. The sturdy build of Bumblebee will maintain his strength whilst he is moved around the home, allowing you to place him in any location of your choice.


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