Super Mario Fire Flower Cushion

The Super Mario Fire Flower Cushion is a retro throwback to the classic Super Mario Bros games. Coming in different sizes and featuring a black pillow with the famous fire flower, this pillow is the perfect accessory for your bed, couch, or even as a gift for the Super Mario Bros fan in your life. It is also the perfect power up after a nap or if there’s a sleepover at Princess Toadstools castle in the Mushroom Kingdom. Use this power up to beat all your enemies in pillow fight as you defeat goombas, Koopa Troopa’s, or hammer bros. Any Super Mario Bros fan’s life isn’t complete with this pillow to accentuate their geeky office or for a touch of nostalgia in their home. It is even the perfect gift for yourself as every look will bring back memories of adventures with Mario and Luigi while defeating Bowser.


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